Out For Vacation!

Take off your tie, drop off your briefcase and let us out for vacation!

it’s time for shopping in Dago Street Bandung!

Posted on February 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

juanda Jalan Dago (Dago Street) is the popular name of Jalan Ir. H. Juanda. Although the name is officially changed by the government, Dago is still being use by Bandung people when referring to this street.Jalan Dago is an icon of Bandung. Along this street we can easily find many kinds of restaurants, food stalls, shopping centres, boutique, hotels, and, of course, factory outlets that recently has become one of what Bandung well known for. On this street, we can also find Borromeus Hospital (built on 1921) and Bandung Technology Institute (built on 1920). Both building has special architecture style that we can enjoy until nowadays. Every weekend, Dago Street becomes a crowded place. Many Bandung youngsters choose this street to hang out with friends or to watch various kinds of street performances. Dago Street has become a space for youngsters to show off their existence with all kind of creativities, start from music performances, bikers community that show off their bikes, underground community that wear a lot of interesting accessories, to acrobatic performance from BMX and skateboard community. On Saturday night, many semi permanent cafés will pop up on this Street. They decorate their cafés in unique and artistic ways. In ( Read More )
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