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Let’s Play in Trans Studio Bandung

Posted on February 22, 2012 | No Comments

festive events, good game   Trans Studio Bandung is the biggest indoor theme park in the world for family vacation, located in Jl. Gatot Subroto 258, Bandung, Indonesia from Jakarta can be reached during the 3 hour trip via train or bus or 30 minutes by airplane. Bandung is a city with natural beauty and cultural and tourist attraction with a panoramic view of unspoiled nature, is a tourist destination both local and foreign tourists. Trans Studio Bandung is an indoor theme park a second after that Trans Studio Makassar included in the Trans Corp Company, there are 20 rides good game for adults or children in three different and unique areas such as Central Studio which is the region from style architectures 60?s, you can meet your favorite stars here. Lost City is a region for adventure with the family, entered the jungle and explore the world in a different light. While the Magic Corner is the beginning from wonders of your world, the magic touch and the sensation of your trip will be enchanted as if it were a real, exciting and amazing. See more in the realm of games that accompany any area in Trans Studio Bandung, a lot of pleasure can enjoy with your family like, In Central Studio area Trans City Theater This is an opera house with international standards for the display of ( Read More )
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