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‘Gedung Sate’ Icon of Bandung

Posted on February 22, 2012 | 252 Comments

bandoeng, chinese nationality, traditional architecture Gedung Sate in the Netherlands Indies called Gouvernements Bedrijven (GB), laying the first stone by Johanna Catherina Coops, eldest daughter of the mayor of Bandung, B. Coops and Petronella Roelofsen, representing the Governor-General in Batavia, JP Graaf van Limburg Stirum on July 27, 1920, Gedung Sate Bandung is the result of planning a team consisting of Ir.J.Gerber, a young architect who led the Dutch Delft graduates of the Faculty of Engineering, Ir. Eh. De Roo and Ir. G. Hendriks and van Gemeente Bandoeng party, led by Colonel. Pur. VL. Slors involving 2000 workers, 150 people, including sculptors, or expert bongpay tombstone carver and wood carver from Konghu Chinese nationality or Cantonese, assisted by masons, coolies stir and servers that come from residents in Kampung Sekeloa, small holes Dago Village, Kampung Gandok and Cibarengkok village, which they had to work herpes zoster Gedong (ITB Campus) and Gedong Papak (Bandung City Hall). Architecture Gedung Sate is the work of architect Ir. J. Gerber and his group are not independent of the input maestro Peter Dr.Hendrik Dutch architect, who face nuanced traditional architecture is characterized tourism Nusantara Indonesia. Many among architects and building experts claim is one of Gedung Sate Bandung scenery has a ( Read More )
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