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Wild and Love in Moyo Island

Posted on | February 1, 2012 | 1 Comment

coral reefs, sumbawa, wild oxen, fifteen minutes, saleh, west nusa tenggara, monitor lizards, lizards, wild boars, fishing boat, herds, strong currents, hordes, nature reserve, waterfalls, wild pig, bird species

hordes, strong currents, saleh, herds, wild boars, fifteen minutes, wild oxen, waterfalls, nature reserve, bird species, west nusa tenggara, natural rivers, sumbawa, moyo island, lizards, coral reefs, monitor lizards, wild pig, fishing boat

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Moyo is an island in Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara province. Moyo island has become more famous with the visit or Princess Diana of England who sought refuge on this island from the paparazzi. Moyo Island, at the mouth of Saleh Bay, has a nature reserve with wild oxen, deer, wild boars and a great variety bird species. Visits are best made during the dry season from June through August.

Beautiful forests almost untouched, waterfalls, natural rivers or marine parks will find here. You also can hiking in jungle, along rivers and waterfalls, some caves that can be reached by foot, can be an alternative activity. One of them is the cave of Ai Manis be achieved with a little rock-climbing. A few kilometers of the north coast of Sumbawa, the national park island of Moyo Island is probably the most rewarding destination in Sumbawa, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and home to wild pig, monitor lizards, 21 species of bat, huge herds of native deer and hordes of crab-

eating macaques.

Renting a fishing boat from Tanjung Pasir and going fifteen minutes east to Stama reeft is very rewarding, with lots of sharks and turtles. There’s nowhere on Moyo to rent masks and snorkels so bring our own; fins are advisable due to the strong currents.

herds, west nusa tenggara, saleh, bird species, wild boars, nature reserve, hordes, lizards, strong currents, wild oxen, princess diana, fifteen minutes, moyo island, coral reefs, sumbawa, fishing boat, wild pig, waterfalls, monitor lizards

bird species, princess diana, wild boars, saleh, wild pig, herds, strong currents, lizards, waterfalls, nature reserve, fishing boat, moyo island, natural rivers, hordes

princess diana, wild oxen, west nusa tenggara, nature reserve

bird species, princess diana, lizards, wild oxen, nature reserve, sumbawa, hordes, monitor lizards, wild pig, saleh, moyo island, wild boars, coral reefs, west nusa tenggara, strong currents, herds, fishing boat, waterfalls, natural rivers, fifteen minutes

monitor lizards, moyo island, strong currents, herds, sumbawa, lizards, princess diana, bird species, saleh, waterfalls

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fifteen minutes, lizards, wild boars, nature reserve, monitor lizards, coral reefs

natural rivers, herds, wild pig, waterfalls

saleh, wild pig

lizards, west nusa tenggara, fishing boat, wild pig, hordes, waterfalls, natural rivers, sumbawa, coral reefs, moyo island, nature reserve, monitor lizards, bird species, wild boars, herds, saleh, strong currents, princess diana

hordes, monitor lizards, waterfalls, nature reserve, herds, natural rivers, wild oxen, saleh, wild pig, fishing boat, bird species

wild boars, herds, coral reefs, west nusa tenggara, sumbawa, bird species, wild oxen, nature reserve, natural rivers, fishing boat, princess diana, strong currents, hordes, lizards, moyo island, saleh, fifteen minutes, monitor lizards

lizards, fifteen minutes, monitor lizards, bird species, wild oxen, waterfalls, moyo island, hordes, west nusa tenggara, strong currents, wild boars, sumbawa, princess diana, herds

fifteen minutes, west nusa tenggara, sumbawa, moyo island, natural rivers, wild pig, wild oxen, fishing boat, monitor lizards, coral reefs, wild boars, waterfalls

fifteen minutes, monitor lizards, saleh, wild pig, lizards, natural rivers, wild oxen, wild boars, herds, fishing boat, sumbawa, hordes, princess diana, west nusa tenggara, nature reserve, waterfalls, moyo island, coral reefs

hordes, fishing boat, bird species, fifteen minutes, moyo island, wild pig, waterfalls, wild boars, monitor lizards, nature reserve

sumbawa, wild oxen, monitor lizards, waterfalls

natural rivers, coral reefs, fishing boat, lizards, wild boars, fifteen minutes, strong currents, wild oxen, wild pig, monitor lizards, hordes, saleh, nature reserve, waterfalls, princess diana

strong currents, hordes, monitor lizards, saleh, natural rivers, waterfalls

west nusa tenggara, nature reserve, monitor lizards, natural rivers, moyo island, sumbawa, fifteen minutes, fishing boat, waterfalls, wild pig, hordes, saleh, strong currents, herds, lizards, coral reefs, wild oxen, wild boars, bird species

coral reefs, nature reserve, princess diana, wild oxen, strong currents, herds, natural rivers, lizards, monitor lizards, bird species, saleh, wild boars, sumbawa, hordes, fifteen minutes, moyo island

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