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Museum in North Sumatera, Indonesia

Posted on January 25, 2013 | No Comments

prehistoric life, makara, flora and fauna, simalungun, continental drift State Museum of North Sumatra province was inaugurated on 19 April 1982 by the Minister of Education and Culture, Dr.Daoed Yoesoef, but the laying of the first collection made by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno, in 1954 in the form of makara. Therefore, the museum is known as the House Arca. State Museum of North Sumatra located at Jalan HMJoni no. 15, Medan. Distance from Polonia Airport about 3 miles, and from seaports Belawan about 25 km. While the central government of North Sumatra governor's office about 3 miles. The museum stands on an area of ??10,468 square meters, consists of two floors of the main building which serves as a permanent exhibition hall, temporary exhibition space, space audio-visual/ceramah, head of museum space, administration, guidance section of space, a library, a micro- films, computer rooms, and warehouses. In architecture, form the main building of this museum illustrates the traditional home of North Sumatra. At the front of the roof is filled with ornaments of ethnic Malay, Batak Toba, Simalungun, Karo, Mandailing, Pakpak, and Nias. Based on a collection owned, the State Museum of North Sumatra province is categorized as a public museum. Most of the collection ( Read More )
exhibition space, flora and fauna, buddhist influence, north sumatra province, republic of indonesia geological history flora and fauna, geological history

Ambon local culture, Cakalele

Posted on January 9, 2013 | 1 Comment

saparua, torch, summer rain, glass cabinets, generation to generation Nunu oil Nunu Seli Nunu karipatu Patue karinunu [Thomas Matulessy] On May 15 every year, usually Moluccans in Indonesia even in abroad also makes a ceremony to commemorate the fallen Pattimura exact date, Historically, Pattimura in execution by the Netherlands on May 15, 1817 and is the last day of struggle Pattimura. Pattimura Day celebrations in other places are usually filled with dance and lain2 cakalele while in Maluku or more precisely on the island of Ambon and Saparua, Pattimura commemoration began with a procession of peoples since the day before and engage youth on the island of Ambon Island Saparua. The procession Pattimura Day celebrations can be explained as follows. May 14 Time 15:00 Pattimura ceremonial torch burning on Mount Saniri. the location of the meeting with the captain of the Pattimura Saparua, Ambon, Seram, Haruku and Nusa Sea to strategize against the Netherlands, on the night before the event Duurstede attack. Furthermore, the torch was brought across multiple countries (village) Saparua with affinity to the struggle Pattimura including Haria, before finally heading to Ambon. Haria alone, Part of the procession carried out in the 'old house' clan Matulessy. There is still stored in glass cabinets are some of the clothes allegedly belonging Pattimura war costume. Various legends circulated about ( Read More )
haria, summer rain summer rain, dances, light rain torch, summer rain, saparua, Ambon, generation to generation dances, haria, commemoration

Water Canonying , another adventure of Bali, Indonesia

Posted on January 9, 2013 | 8 Comments

spirit of adventure There are a myriad of adventure activities on offer in Bali ranging from mountain climbing to white-water rafting and cycling. I have imbibed in some pretty adventurous activities on my travels in the archipelago over the decades but I must confess the adventurous activity of canyoning was not one of them. When we think of canyoning we conjure up images of people screaming as they are rushed down a fast-moving stream or river unaided and bouncing over slippery rocks and avoiding related hazards. No doubt if you searched hard enough on Bali you would find such waterways higher up in the mountains. The next best thing to it all is canyon tubing and the one company that excels in this is PT Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure. North of Ubud at a place called Payangan there is a hidden canyon where the river flows at a fast pace and it is from here your adventure begins. Siting in a rubber tube being rushed downstream is my kind of adventure! The delightful aspect of this adventure is that you get the opportunity to view an untouched area of Bali in all its splendour. Level: Aquatic Canyon v3.a3.II Minimum number of participants: 2 Maximum number of ( Read More )
Bali, adventurous activity, waterways, adventure north, wet suit, untouched area untouched area, adventurous activities slippery rocks, ubud, individual insurance ubud, adventure north, individual insurance

Amazing Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Posted on January 9, 2013 | 1 Comment

gunung kidul, personal documents, yogyakarta, heavy flow, cliff edge, flowing water Gunungkidul area well known to the area frequently hit by drought. But the power of God is real, when it turns out there is a heavy flow of water crashing over the 25-meter high hill and in harmony with the river clear and beautiful. Yes, the beautybuy viagra online pharmacy that we can find in the village Bleberan, District Playen, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. That's where we can find beautiful panorama flowing water, Waterfall Sri Gethuk name. Sources: yogyes.com. New nyadar, it turns out my personal documents do not have a picture of Niagara Falls as a whole, which was accompanied by my narcissistic photos and friends: p To go to this area, if taken out of the city of Yogyakarta, the melajulah toward Wonosari. Starting from the winding road and uphill, then follow the route towards Sub Playen. Some signposts and signpost reads Waterfalls of Sri Gethuk will lead to the natural beauty of this hidden. Access road to Sri Gethuk Falls is not yet perfect. We are offered a small and quite dusty streets, and there are some roads that have not been paved when we pass a settlement. So, in summary, for groups who use the bus have ( Read More )
waterfall design, entrance fee, personal documents heavy flow heavy flow, entrance fee, group car, flowing water wonosari, cliff edge, yogyakarta

Extreme and Beauty cave, Jomblang

Posted on November 7, 2012 | 20 Comments

sunlight, cave entrance, activists Goa Jomblang or in local languages in call Luweng Jomblang, located in the village Jetis, District Semanu, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, unique to be traced. The characters are a mix goa goa vertical and horizontal, and has a forest at the base viagra prescription ukof his cave to be the location interesting for lovers of outdoor activities. Goa has a depth of about 60-70 Jomblang meter.Untuk reach the bottom of the cave by using Single Rope Technik (SRT) or vertical cave search techniques. cave Jomblang itself connected 200-meter long horizontal cave with Goa Gerubuk, which is another entrance to reach the bottom of the cave. The beauty of the stalagmite and stalactite still be we met and preserved naturally, but it in the cave there is a pulse underground river that ends at the beach Barot. The story surrounds a little cave Jomblang creepy, the cave is said to have used the massacre site PKI members in the 1970's. Previously not many activists cruising goa who visited the cave Jomblang, as some mystical stories surrounding the cave. After prayer by the community around in the 1990's then many lovers Caving, cave cruising activities come to see the beauty of the cave Jomblang. At the end of the cave, we will find the river bottom land under Grubuk cave entrance with sunlight directly ( Read More )
sunlight activists, Trip, languages, underground river, indonesia, cave entrance srt, sunlight, prayer

G-Land, surfing spot at Banyuwangi

Posted on September 22, 2012 | 3 Comments

reflection, java island, traveler, consistent results Banyuwangi - For you traveler as well as surfing sports fans, G-Land in East Java is paradise. The waves here can reach a height of up to 6 meters. Bring your sled and taklukanlah! Grajagan, or better known as G-Land, is a bay located at the sobuying viagra in mexicoutheastern tip Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi regency, East Java. This is the paradise of the surfers. The waves will be a fun playmate. Waves at this place is really great and consistent results influence Antarctic currents, carried by the Indian Ocean. With the right corner of the bay, the waves generated are perfect. Not surprisingly, the height of the waves at G-Land can reach 4-6 meters. Usually the waves will escalate from March to October. Therefore, omabk at G-Land to be one of the best waves in the world after Hawaii. Not only the waves, but a stretch of white sand on the beach will make you comfortable. The scenery and the green forests, will be for your own reflection. You can also explore the National Park Alas Purwo. The traveler can stay at the resorts are located on the seaside. Take it easy, here is not noisy resort and keep silence. So ( Read More )
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a forgotten islands, natuna archipelago

Posted on February 29, 2012 | 2 Comments

rantau The Natuna Archipelago is Indonesia’s most northerly islands in the South China Sea. If you are adventurous by nature and are looking for beaches that are free from other tourists, then the Natuna Archipelago could be the right place for you. It com sale viagra online prises some 270 islands and has amazing green-blue seas. Bunguran, Jemaja and Serasan are the three largest islands in this archipelago located in the South China Sea. Natuna is a district in the province of the Riau Archipelago with Ranai as its capital city. Ranai is often translated as “Rantau Nan Indah” (beautiful panorama) because of its amazing vistas. Natuna is surrounded by deep seas that border the waters of Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore, and has many very beautiful white beaches to enjoy. Its beautiful pristine seas are ideal for snorkeling or diving . The Natuna Islands have a remarkable avifauna with 71 species of bird registered, including the near-threatened Lesser Fish-eagle, the Natuna Serpent-eagle or the rare Silvery Pigeon. Among other species endangered species, we find the Green Iora, the Brown Fulvetta or the Green Broadbill. Colorful coral reef is found in the neighboring waters. Natuna Banded Leaf Monkey is among the 25 most endangered primates ( Read More )
riau archipelago, fish eagle, avifauna, endangered primates, serpent eagle coral reef, nan, fish eagle nan, cambodia, serpent eagle, coral reef, beaches coral reef, nan panorama, nan tourists, serpent eagle, ranai, beaches serpent eagle, coral reef blue seas, coral reef, riau archipelago, nan, serpent eagle, south china sea south china sea, endangered primates, natuna islands, fish eagle, endangered species banded leaf monkey, pigeon, endangered primates, cambodia

Brastagi Plateu

Posted on February 29, 2012 | 5 Comments

vegetation, beautiful scenery, karo, tribe, orchards Berastagi is situated in the upland of North Sumatra Province. Wedged between Mount Sibayak (2,049 m) and Mount Sinabung (2,451 m), it has cool climate, beautiful scenery, and several tourist attractions. With a well-developed infrastructure, the city is perfect for weekend getaways or longer holidays. Berastagi has always been a favorite weekend spot for Medan’s citizen since the 1.5 hours trip from Medan (Capital of North Sumatra Province) is relatively shot. The city, however, can also be a worthwhile destination for Jakartans. It only takes a total of 3.5 hours to reach: 2 hours of Medan Berastagi drive. There are vast forest along the road from Medan and occasionally, you can see buildings with unique Karo (a tribe from Batak ethnic) ornaments, a sign that you have entered their domain. Women wearing the distinctive Batak headdress can also be seen from time to time. Mejuah-juah, welcome to the land of Karo! On the road between Medan and Berastagi, lies Sibolangit Botanical Garden, which houses several kinds of local vegetation. Next, it goes winding and sloping upward, going through Penatapen. If you want, you can stop here briefly to enjoy the cool air or a clear view to the plains below. Near Berastagi, there ( Read More )
vegetation, hilly areas hilltop, cool air, weekend getaways, botanical garden, orchards berastagi, headdress, karo, hilly areas, north sumatra province tourist attractions, beautiful scenery, north sumatra province, cool air, orchards, weekend getaways berastagi, headdress, weekend getaways, vegetation karo, tourist attractions, weekend getaways cool air, tribe, orchards, karo, beautiful scenery, vegetation orchards, hilltop, winding road panorama

mentawai islands,paradise fall to earth

Posted on February 29, 2012 | 25 Comments

siberut, boat motor, mentawai islands, surfing activities, nineteenth centuries   Mentawai archipelago is a paradise for the surfer. Nowadays Mentawai archipelago has become a most wanted tourism destination to visit, especially for surfing. The waves on Mentawai archipelago are one of the greatest on the planet, bInternet-Based Business est for surf spots. The largest islands in the chain are Siberut, North Pagal, Sipura and South Pagai. They and others are not far from the coast, about 150 km away, and have two of the best surf spots worldwide. The relationship of the islands with the West began with the arrival of the Portuguese and then the Dutch in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Modern tourism newly discovered them in the 80 century when the industry began to promote themselves but the surfers come past the 90s and hand a couple of Australians who were in great waves. Tourism Mentawai people are known starting in mid-1990, which is accidentally a surfer of Australia to find a good wave to Mentawai surfing. when it is visited by many tourists to surfing. Are waves in the Mentawai goods third world to surfing. Surfing activity is located in the 3 districts, which are Siberut Selatan District, District and Sub Sipora North Pagai entry in the ( Read More )
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Ngarai Sianok, Breathtaking Canyon in west sumatera

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world war ii, rays of the sun, flat bottom, beautiful scenery, tourism destination, steep walls The Sianok Canyon was a valey, located in the center area of bukittinggi city, west sumatra province, Indonesia. This valey was length and circle around from south of Koto Gadang canyon till Sianok enam Suku canyon, and ended into Palupuh. The viebuy viagra canadaw from Sianok canyon was so beautiful and exotic, it is become a tourism destination in west sumatra. On this canyon we can also canoing at sianok river Just on the outskirts of the hill town of Bukittinggi in the Minangkabau highlands, lies this breathtaking canyon which the locals call Ngarai Sianok, or the Sianok Canyon. Its panorama is particularly beautiful in the early morning light when the first rays of the sun pierce through the mist covering this deep valley that has majestic Mount Singgalang looming at its background. Its beauty has been painted by many artists, most famous among whom was Ernest Dezentje, renowned painter in the “Mooi Indonesie” or Beautiful Indonesia style, favored by Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno. Ngarai Sianok has two steep walls facing each other almost vertically, falling to a flat bottom where a river meanders among green ricefields. Its height is about 100 to 120 meters and the canyon itself is ( Read More )
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