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Ngarai Sianok, Breathtaking Canyon in west sumatera

Posted on February 29, 2012 | No Comments

flat bottom, first rays The Sianok Canyon was a valey, located in the center area of bukittinggi city, west sumatra province, Indonesia. This valey was length and circle around from south of Koto Gadang canyon till Sianok enam Suku canyon, and ended into Palupuh. The viebuy viagra canadaw from Sianok canyon was so beautiful and exotic, it is become a tourism destination in west sumatra. On this canyon we can also canoing at sianok river Just on the outskirts of the hill town of Bukittinggi in the Minangkabau highlands, lies this breathtaking canyon which the locals call Ngarai Sianok, or the Sianok Canyon. Its panorama is particularly beautiful in the early morning light when the first rays of the sun pierce through the mist covering this deep valley that has majestic Mount Singgalang looming at its background. Its beauty has been painted by many artists, most famous among whom was Ernest Dezentje, renowned painter in the “Mooi Indonesie” or Beautiful Indonesia style, favored by Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno. Ngarai Sianok has two steep walls facing each other almost vertically, falling to a flat bottom where a river meanders among green ricefields. Its height is about 100 to 120 meters and the canyon itself is ( Read More )
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Posted on February 28, 2012 | 3 Comments

souvenir shops Without a doubt Bukittinggi is probably the most laid-back and friendliest places you could ever visit in Sumatra. Located 930 meters above sea level it is a picturesque place and so cool in temperature it makes a delightful change from the hotBuy cialis online without prescriptiontergeneric cialis no prescription places like Medan. The city is surrounded by three volcanoes named Tandikat, Singgalangand Merapi. Bukitinggi was formerly named Fort De Cock by the Dutch and the centrepiece of town is the town’s clock-tower, which is topped with a horn- shaped roof and referred to by the people as Jam Gadang. This is a good place to visit as it overlooks the market square and the city’s beautiful surroundings. As a tourist center, Bukittinggi has a multitude of craft and souvenir shops as well as those for jewellery and antiques. For some of the better stuff and to be where a lot of it is made then it is advised you travel further out of town w here many of the craft villages are. Most are within an hour ride from Bukittinggi. Most of the places in the town are within walking distance with each other as Bukitinggi is relatively ( Read More )
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Excotic Bintan Island

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nusa dua bali, power struggles, riau islands, educational tourism Bintan Island is the largest island in the Riau Islands cluster, about 50 miles south of Singapore.The main economic activities bintan island, besides mining and trade between islands is tourism.The natural beauty, a shiny white sand, blue water, and thick trees, is a mix that makes the BintanIsland is so beautiful. The presence of Bintan island as one of Indonesia's tourism icons emerging in 1991. In collaboration with the Singapore government, the Indonesian government built a special tourism area with international standard. In 1996, Bintan Resorts officially opened. Manager of BintanResorts transform an area of ??23 thousand hectares of becoming a haven for tourists. Various potential tourist attractions in the area is managed very well. Eco-tourism lies at the heart of Bintan Island. Beautiful beaches and nature’s wonders are the order of the day when it comes to this amazing destination. The island also possesses historical significance which dates way back to the 16th century, when it became a main trading port in the South-East Asia region. Tales of conflict, piracy and power struggles colour its past, making the island all the more intriguing. Traditional villages are also aplenty, offering visitors a glimpse into the locals’ culture, which are as exciting as they are educational. Tourism on the Bintan Island, especially in the northern part of the island known as Lagoi. Lagoiarea very nicely arranged with maximum security to ensure safety for tourists. Lagoi arrangement is similar to the arrangement of Nusa Dua Bali, with some 5 star hotel, golf course and spa. Tosimplify foreign tourists, especially those from Singapore, deals in luxury hotels using the Singaporedollar or Us dollars. Although Bintan Island has no airport, but access, both from Batam andSingapore is very good. ot only natural beauty, Bintan Island also has a wealth of biodiversity to be proud of. As an island in the tropics, Bintan Island has a unique ecosystem with variety of flora and fauna. Monkeys, frogs,various types of snakes, fireflies, lizards, and various species of birds live in comfort on the island.Yet, exploring in the mangrove forest in which once Sebung River had broken. Along the RiverSebung we will find various types of mangrove forest quite unique as Pencil Avioennia Roots, RootsDanceInternasional.Stilt Rhizophora, Bruguiera Knee Roots, and Roots Xylocarpus Ribbon.
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Musi River, and its Ampera hanging bridge, south sumatera

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hanging bridge, boats, musi river Dividing South Sumatra Province from east to west, Musi River is 460 km in length having eight big tributaries : Komering, Ogan, Lematang, Kelingi, Lakitan. Semangus, Rawas, and Batanghari Leko. These account for the name of Batanghari Sembilgeneric cialisanfor South Sumatera. Nobody knows why and when the river is named Musi River. In India there is a name Musi. Perhaps due to the relationship between Sriwijaya Kindom and the kingdom in India the word Musi is used, or presumably the word is derived from one of Kayuagung verieties meaning "follow". Whether or not Musi means flowing, a futher study is necessary to conduct. Musi River is both very broad as well as long, comparable to those found on the big island of Kalimantan, formerly Borneo. The river flows right through the city, cutting it in two halves called the Ulu bank and the Ilir bank and linked by a bridge of considerable size and length, called Ampera Bridge. If the visitors do not care to make an interesting or unique boat trip down the river, they could still take a walk halfway over the bridge to see the vast panorama surrounding them, rare at any other place in Indonesia. Down ( Read More )
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Lake Toba and Samosir Island

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volcanic lake, human evolution, quiet atmosphere 70,000 years ago, this was the site of a massive supervolcanic eruption. The impact was catastrophic. Severe environmental and climate changes rendered many life forms to the verge of extinction and changed the course of human evolution (Toba catastorder generic cialis ukrophe theory). The resulting Lake Toba is the testament to the event but its association to the violent past is not readily evident today. Visitors to Lake Toba and Samosir Island within the lake are charmed by the scenic beauty and tranquility that the heartland of Batak people has to offer. This hidden island within the island of Sumatra is definitely a gem worth going for. The beautiful Scenery of Lake Toba.Lake Toba is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Pulau Samosir.Lake Toba has long become an important tourist destination in North Sumatra in addition to Bukit Lawang and Nias, attract domestic and foreign tourists. The beauty of Lake Toba was amazing. The lake is surrounded by hills, so that in the vicinity of ( Read More )
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Lake Maninjau, west sumatera

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maninjau, Padang, winding road, volcanic lake, sea level, source of water Maninjau Lake is a lake in the district of Tanjung Raya, Agam regency, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This like is one of the most stunning lake in Indonesia. The lake is located about 140 km north of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra. Maninjau which is a volcanic lake is located at a height of 461.50 meters above sea level. Lake Maninjau also a source of water to the river named Batang Sri Antokan. In one part of the lake, which is upstream from the Batang Hydroelectric Maninjau Sri Antokan there. The highest peak in the hills around Lake Maninjau known as Puncak Lawang. To be able to achieve Lake Maninjau from Bukittinggi  if it will pass through a winding road known as Curved 44 along approximately 10 km starting from Ambun Pagi to Maninjau To achieve this Region you can using a car. Public transport also available. On the way to this place, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery. The lake was listed as the eleventh largest lake in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in West Sumatra, Maninjau is the second largest lake after the Lake Singkarak. Around Lake Maninjau there are tourist facilities like hotels and lodging. Whenever you had the chance to visit Lake ( Read More )
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singkarak lake, charming natural lake in west sumatera

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east longitude, lake edge, enchantment lake, clear blue water, bukittinggi, dwelling place Danau Singkarak or Singkarak Lake located in the geographical coordinates of 0, 36 degrees south latitude (LS) and 100.3 east longitude (BT) with a height of 363.5 meters above sea level (masl). Water surface area reaches 11,200 hectares of Lake Singkarak with a maximum length of 20 kilometers and 6.5 kilometers wide and a depth of 268 meters. This lake has a water catchment areas along the 1076 kilometers with rainfall up to 252 melimeter 82 per month. It can not be denied, scenery surrounding natural attractions are so charming. So fantastic. The eyes are not tired of seeing the expanse of clear blue water with small ripples with it. Also, grains of fine sand which stretches across the lake edge. In the middle of the lake, the fishermen's small boats sailed the lake is quiet, the dwelling place of various fishes. Also fro motor boat or a rented rickshaw lake for tourists. Beautiful environment, the cool weather, the atmosphere is calm, peaceful, safe and comfortable to be the charm for those who visit it. Enchantment Lake Batur, is never finished when told. Hence the second biggest lake in Sumatra, after Lake Toba Sumatra to be excellent for a leading tourist ( Read More )
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Takengon Lake, Aceh

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indigenous people, lut akengon is a town in Aceh, a province of Indonesia and is the seat (capital) of the Central Aceh Regency. The town is in the highlands of western Sumatra and situated on the shores of Lake Lut Tawar. The region around Takengon is well-known for its coffee. The indigenous people in Takengon are the Gayonese people or as they're usually called, "urang Gayo". The most of popular dance in this region is Didong. Formerly Didong used as tools by Islamic preacher to spreading Islamic teaching. In recent time, Didong usually is exhibited in important and special events, such as wedding party or welcoming ceremony in formal agenda. Sea Freshwater Lake is located in the highlands town of Takengon, province of Aceh(NAD). Natural attractions are close to the volcano can be reached through thisGeureudong ground transportation lane from the city or town in northern BireuenKutacane in the south. Marine Freshwater lakes provide the natural beauty of Acehwith the topography typical of tropical plants. This is a favorite natural attractions of the Acehnese.The charm of the enchanting land of the Veranda of Mecca by Islamic culture colorappearing in the daily lives of residents Takengon. Indicated a number of traditionaldance to welcome visitors to natural attractions in Aceh. For example the dynamicdance Saman.
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shopping continue in Cihampelas

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shopping mall If you are in Bandung, shopping should be the number one priority. You can see a lot of factory outlets along Jalan Riau or Jalan Dago and not to forget Jalan Cihampelas. Jalan Cihampelas is a crowded place and traffic jam is a norm along this road. Hence, please plan your time properly. Along Jalan Cihampelas, one can see a lot of shop selling textile products. The shops are very creative in their own special way to attract customers. Meet one of the most crowded streets in Bandung, Cihampelas Street. Many called it "Jeans-street" since you will find lots of stores selling jeans products along the way. The stores are quite unique as they put funny items to attract customers. Do not be surprised if you find Rambo and Batman guarding in front of the stores. A hip shopping center with a colorful concept is also located on this street, serving you lots of choices for culinary, shopping and entertainment. There is a big shopping mall at the right hand side of the road which is the cihampelas walk. A very large, colourful shopping mall where you can enjoy the shopping if there rain decides to pay you a visit. Take a walk along ( Read More )
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See the sky and the stars in Bosscha Observatory

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bosscha, stellar spectra, lunar craters, visual binary stars, sensitometer, dutch indies Bosscha Observatory is the oldest observatory in Indonesia. The observatory is located in Lembang, West Java, approximately 15 kilometers (9mil) north of Bandung. It's situated on a hilly six hectares of land, and is 1,310 meters (4,298 ft) above mean sea level plateau. The IAU observatory code for Bosscha is 299. During the first meeting of the Nederlandsch-Indische Sterrekundige Vereeniging (Dutch-Indies Astronomical society) in the 1920s, it was agreed that an observatory was needed to study astronomy in the Dutch East Indies. Of all locations in the Indonesia archipelago, a tea plantation in Malabar, a few kilometers north of Bandung in West Java was selected. The observatory is named after the tea plantation owner Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha, son of the physicist Johannes Bosscha and a major force in the development of science and technology in the Dutch East Indies, who granted six hectares of his property for the new observatory. Five large telescopes were installed in Bosscha; 1. The Zeiss Double Refractor This telescope is mainly used to observe visual binary stars, conduct photometric studies on eclipsing binaries. image lunar craters, observe planets (Mars, Saturn and Jupiter) and to observe comet details and other heavy bodies. The telescope has two objective lenses with a diameter of 60 cm (23.6 in) each and a focal length of 10.7m (35 ( Read More )
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