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Let’s Play in Trans Studio Bandung

Posted on | February 22, 2012 | No Comments

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giant swing, worlds fastest roller coaster, marvel heroes, fantastic 4, gatot subroto, tourist attraction, different light, panoramic view, bandung indonesia, iron man

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Trans Studio Bandung is the biggest indoor theme park in the world for family vacation, located in Jl. Gatot Subroto 258, Bandung, Indonesia from Jakarta can be reached during the 3 hour trip via train or bus or 30 minutes by airplane. Bandung is a city with natural beauty and cultural and tourist attraction with a panoramic view of unspoiled nature, is a tourist destination both local and foreign tourists. Trans Studio Bandung is an indoor theme park a second after that Trans Studio Makassar included in the Trans Corp Company, there are 20 rides good game for adults or children in three different and unique areas such as Central Studio which is the region from style architectures 60?s, you can meet your favorite stars here. Lost City is a region for adventure with the family, entered the jungle and explore the world in a different light. While the Magic Corner is the beginning from wonders of your world, the magic touch and the sensation of your trip will be enchanted as if it were a real, excit

ing and amazing.

See more in the realm of games that accompany any area in Trans Studio Bandung, a lot of pleasure can enjoy with your family like,

In Central Studio area

  • Trans City Theater
    This is an opera house with international standards for the display of festive events held in Trans Studio Bandung, can be enjoyed by all members of your family.
  • Yamaha Racing Coaster
    Is the worlds fastest roller coaster with a very sensational backward maneuvers, roller coasters there are only 3 in the world one of them contained in Trans Studio Bandung. Wow, this will test your adrenaline.
  • Giant Swing
    A rides game that will really challenge your guts to swing in a giant round, very exciting and very challenging and can be enjoyed by a family member with a minimum height 130 cm.
  • Marvel Superheroes 4D
    Who is not familiar with Marvel heroes like Spiderman, Iron Man, Fantastic 4, Wolverine and others, perhaps this will be the most favorite amusement rides for your child with the first simulator in the world featuring their favorite superhero action from the combined with the wonders of multimedia and special effects.
  • Vertigo
    As the name implies this rides game will ask you to heights of courage, the first indoor Ferris wheel which can rotate up to 360 degrees.
  • Transcar Racing
    With a perfect safety you will be invited to experience real racing car on the circuit.
  • Si Bolang
    Taken from the kids favorite trans7 TV shows this is a vehicle game that invites your children to adventure around Indonesia is very fascinating.
  • Trans Broadcast Museum
    The first broadcast museum in Indonesia.
  • Trans Science Center
    With world-class rides offers science games for your family vacation.
  • Trans Movie Magic
    Is the vehicle of a game that combines movies and live attractions.

In The Lost City area

  • Jelajah
    in the Indonesian language could mean to enter more deeply or visit to, this rides game invite you to travel the jungles of Africa and fall from a waterfall with a height of 13 meters.
  • Kong Climb
    Wall climbing as high as 15 meters with a security that is designed for a fun amusement rides.
  • Skypirates “Zeppelin”
    Need a ride to get around the Trans Studio Bandung, this place, a pirate boat that takes you around at altitude.
  • Amphitheatre
    Parade of artists both local and foreign tourists will be shown here.
  • Black Heart Pirate Ship
    Softplay arena with four levels that have an interactive game, is the largest in Southeast Asia.

Adventure in the biggest indoor theme park in the worlds would be a fun adventure in your holiday, we suggest to go with the VIP tickets worth 400,000 IDR for holidays and 350,000 IDR for weekday so you will be given direct access to board games and amusement rides that exist so that you do not have to queue. You need to stay in Bandung, many hotels and lodging that you can rent or you prefer avacation packages. One of the hotels closest to Trans Studio Bandung is the Trans Hotel Bandung, this is first six star hotel in Indonesia recently opened in December 2011. Plan the best vacation for you and your family, Trans Studio Bandung may be a suitable place for your visit.

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tourist destination, good game, festive events, magic touch, opera house, magic corner, worlds fastest roller coaster, bandung indonesia, marvel heroes, gatot subroto, indoor theme park, giant swing, tourist attraction, fantastic 4, roller coasters, different light, panoramic view, maneuvers, marvel superheroes

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good game, marvel superheroes, different light, opera house, maneuvers, magic touch, magic corner, iron man, festive events, fantastic 4, worlds fastest roller coaster, marvel heroes, roller coasters, giant swing, tourist destination, panoramic view, tourist attraction

worlds fastest roller coaster, good game, tourist attraction, bandung indonesia, indoor theme park, opera house, festive events, magic touch, marvel superheroes, tourist destination, magic corner, different light, marvel heroes, maneuvers, gatot subroto, fantastic 4, iron man, roller coasters

marvel heroes, fantastic 4, maneuvers, worlds fastest roller coaster, good game, magic corner, indoor theme park, giant swing, different light, bandung indonesia, gatot subroto, marvel superheroes, tourist destination, opera house, iron man, magic touch, panoramic view, roller coasters, tourist attraction

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bandung indonesia, giant swing, tourist attraction, gatot subroto, panoramic view, maneuvers, fantastic 4, roller coasters, festive events, magic touch, different light, magic corner, worlds fastest roller coaster, iron man

marvel heroes, iron man, magic corner, gatot subroto, indoor theme park, magic touch

tourist destination, tourist attraction, opera house, panoramic view, fantastic 4, festive events, good game, worlds fastest roller coaster, magic corner, marvel heroes, iron man, roller coasters

marvel superheroes, tourist attraction, roller coasters, bandung indonesia, giant swing, good game, different light, panoramic view, festive events, gatot subroto, iron man, indoor theme park, opera house

marvel heroes, giant swing, festive events, marvel superheroes, fantastic 4, magic corner, worlds fastest roller coaster, tourist attraction, roller coasters, bandung indonesia, different light, iron man, indoor theme park, magic touch, panoramic view, good game, gatot subroto, tourist destination

roller coasters, gatot subroto, indoor theme park, different light, panoramic view, magic touch, opera house, giant swing, maneuvers

tourist destination, panoramic view, opera house, maneuvers, festive events, magic corner, marvel heroes, different light, iron man, giant swing, magic touch, tourist attraction, worlds fastest roller coaster, fantastic 4

bandung indonesia, fantastic 4, marvel heroes, different light, festive events, indoor theme park

gatot subroto, indoor theme park

gatot subroto, giant swing, iron man, maneuvers, magic corner, marvel superheroes, tourist attraction, different light, festive events, panoramic view, worlds fastest roller coaster, good game, fantastic 4, opera house, tourist destination, roller coasters, bandung indonesia, marvel heroes, indoor theme park

magic touch, iron man, good game, tourist destination, marvel heroes, different light, festive events, marvel superheroes, giant swing, tourist attraction, roller coasters, maneuvers, magic corner, indoor theme park, bandung indonesia

good game, tourist attraction, indoor theme park, marvel superheroes, magic touch, gatot subroto, festive events, opera house, fantastic 4, panoramic view, marvel heroes, iron man, giant swing, bandung indonesia, roller coasters, different light

marvel heroes, festive events, bandung indonesia, worlds fastest roller coaster, magic touch, good game, fantastic 4

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